Press Room

In 2020, I’m mostly speaking in the Bay Area because this is where I invest. Here’s where you can hear me talk to investors about early stage investment best practices, board & governance; and to entrepreneurs about customer acquisition strategies and product excellence:

1/15: judge at A Round PitchForce in SF
* 2/10: panel discussion on fundraising at SuperReturn US West in Los Angeles
* 2/21: keynote at PITCH GLOBAL in SF
* 2/28: fireside chat at Alleycon 2020 in NYC
* 5/12: keynote at Product Development Days in SF
* 9/16: panel discussion on technology at SuperReturn North America in Boston

And, here’s my 2019 archive:

2/12-13: opening keynote on fundraising strategies at Startup Grind Global Conference in Redwood City
2/28: talk on funding trends at Silicon Valley Startup: Idea to IPO in Santa Clara
3/7: talk on fundraising strategies at the Venture Summit | West in SF
3/26: panel discussion on strategies during an economic downturn at PartnerConnect East in Boston
4/2: talk on governance for startup board members at VC Taskforce Roundtable Luncheon in Los Altos
4/2: fireside chat at ICON Women in Tech in SF
4/10: talk on fundraising strategies at Merrill Lynch in SF
4/18: talk on what makes a great product at Draper University in San Mateo
4/19: talk on core principles of mobile-centric product design at CEO Quest in Menlo Park
4/30: panel discussion on The Disruptors: Founders and VC’s Changing the Startup Ecosystem at 15th Annual Women’s Leadership Conference in NYC
4/30: discussion on Unexpected Product Pitfalls in Venture Investing at Fund81’s VC Managers Forum
5/15: panel discussion and semi-final judge at Startup World Cup 2019 in SF
5/21: panel discussion on The Next Big Thing at Collision in Toronto
5/23: keynote on diversity in the boardroom at Board of Directors Center of Excellence in SF
5/23: talk on product experiences that led to triple-digit growth at Pulse 2019 in SF
5/23: judge at 144 Startup Battle in SF
* 6/20: fireside chat on investment trends at Idea-to-IPO in Palo Alto
6/25: panel discussion and moderator at PartnerConnect Midwest in Chicago, IL
6/26: keynote at Campden’s North American Family Investment & Alternatives Conference in Chicago
* 7/9-11: panel discussion at RISE in Hong Kong
* 8/16: keynote at PITCH GLOBAL in SF
* 9/16: keynote on product market-fit best practices at Denver Startup Week in Denver, CO
* 9/24: panel moderator on how to keep your investors happy at Partner Connect West in SF
* 10/11: keynote at Founders Network fnSummit 2019 in Pescadero, CA
10/30: leading a roundtable on early stage investing at Family Office Connect 2019 in NYC
* 11/7: mentor panel at F50 Elevate in Palo Alto
* 11/14: panel discussion on finding the right investors for the long term at Idea-to-IPO in Palo Alto

And, here’s my 2018 archive:

1/17: talk on what makes great products at Women Who Code
2/9: closing keynote on building a strong professional brand at VerveCon
2/12: discussion on investing trends at the SuperReturn West annual conference
2/20: talk on how to unlock new sources of triple-digit growth at Health 2.0
* 3/13: speaker on investment best practices at the Venture Summit | West
3/16: panel on venture capital at the Wharton Venture Conference in New York
3/17: panel on VC vs ICO Funding for startups at the Crypto-Blockchain Conference
4/2: workshop on the 3 Rules of a Successful Product at BRIIA Accelerator
* 4/10: keynote at Meet The VC – 2018 Bay Area Venture Capital Lunch Series
4/12: speaker at the Startup World Cup
4/17: closing keynote on Fundraising Strategies that Make Investors Love You at HardwareCon
4/25: discussion on what teams get funded at StartupWorld
4/26: talk on what investors look for in startups at the Spain Tech Center
5/1: speaker on the drivers of customer acquisition at the Collision Conference in New Orleans
5/5: opening keynote on Fundraising Strategies that Make Investors Love You at TiE Inflect
5/15: keynote on what makes a great product at the JADE Conference in Hong Kong
5/17: keynote on what investors look for at the Blockchain Capital Summit in Chengdu, China
5/24: fireside chat on investment trends at Idea-to-IPO
* 6/7: keynote on what investors look for at the Blockchain Funding Summit
6/19: speaker on investment strategies at the Alternative Investment Conference in Chicago
* 7/16: fireside chat at DATAfest, the opening evening event for Mind The Product
7/25: workshop on how to get investors to love you at the Women Startup Labs
8/8: speaker on what it takes to build a great product at the Traction Conference in Vancouver
8/16: panel on women in venture capital at the Silicon Vikings – Shattering Barriers: Gender, Racial & LGBT Diversity in Tech Event
* 9/6: panel on enhancing women’s access to capital at the Total Alts Conference in SF
9/12: speaker on AI and the customer experience at the Mobile World Congress Americas  in Los Angeles
11/15: panel on US VC’s Pitch to International Entrepreneurs, exploring Key Success Factors and Best Practices at the French Tech Hub  in SF

And, here’s my 2017 archive:

1/12: webinar on how to land a board seat with Women in the Boardroom
1/30conversation with Geoffrey Moore at the Commonwealth Club
2/1: keynote on mobile growth best practices at the Mobile Growth Summit
2/23: talk on building your personal brand at PM fast-track
3/1investor feedback on startup pitches at the Venture Summit
3/7: AMA on reinventing yourself at Product School
4/5: talk on what makes a mobile product successful at the Habit Summit
4/7: talk on how to grow 18X at the SCALE conference
5/3: keynote and curated track on why great products generate real traction at the MAU Conference
5/10investor feedback on startup pitches at the FACCSF
5/17: fireside chat on investment & exits at the Startup Conference
5/20: talk on building a compelling business plan at Project Zygote
5/23: keynote on mobile trends at the Samsung Silicon Valley speaker series
5/24investor feedback on startup pitches at the SVOD Conference
7/17: TVLP speaker series on hyper growth
* 8/15: fireside chat on startup fundraising at Startup Tea Talk
9/7: keynote on the human-first principles of innovation at the CareerBuilder annual Empower conference
9/11: fireside chat on innovation at the Mobile World Congress / WiSTEM conference
9/12: fireside chat on early stage investing trends at the C-Suite Network annual investor summit
9/25: RocketSpace speaker series on generating triple-digit conversion for hyper growth
* 9/26: talk on fundraising strategies that make investors love you at the Tech Startup Conference
10/3: talk on Revenue Models at Founder Institute
10/10: talk on how to unlock new sources of triple-digit growth at the Health 2.0 October Chapter Meeting
10/16: opening keynote on the state of the art with mobile at the Mobilized conference
10/27: keynote on what makes great products at the Productized conference
11/10: break out session about diversity at Harvest Summit
11/18: talk about What Investors Want at Project Zygote
12/5: talk on getting on corporate boards at the annual Gartner Evanta CIO Summit
12/5: VC Q+A workshop at Spain Tech Center
12/11: talk on product leadership at the Product Austin speaker series

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As a technology visionary, entrepreneur, investor & fmr Facebook exec, SC Moatti regularly provides commentary on mobile transformation and business growth to top media outlets like NPR, the Wall Street Journal, and the Harvard Business Review.

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Sami-Inkinen-90“I highly recommend SC Moatti to any organization that wants to do more with mobile.”

– Sami Inkinen, Founder, Trulia


Erin-Essenmacher-90“SC Moatti gave an engaging talk about the business and future of mobile that really hit the mark. She is smart, connects well with an audience and made succeeding in mobile sounds so simple.”

– Erin Essenmacher, Chief Programming Officer, National Association of Corporate Directors

Joe-Robinson-90“SC Moatti is an excellent speaker. She’s knowledgeable, witty, and very engaging. I invited SC to speak at Manifesto and recommend her for any speaking engagement.”

– Joe Robinson, Producer, Manifesto

emily-savage-90“I invited SC to speak at the 2015 Open Mobile Summit. She is very engaging and my audience loved her stories from her time at Facebook.” ­­

– Emily Savage, Producer, Open Mobile Summit