A Sketchnote Illustration of my Book ‘Mobilized’

Feb 01, 2017Mobilized Book

I LOVED that Ramya Sethuraman made an illustration of the key concepts in my bestselling book on mobile ‘Mobilized’. For visual learners, this illustration is a handy guide to understanding my mobile formula. 

Read her Medium post below:

This note is a part of a series that captures my attempt to become a better product manager by combining the things I love: product, art and writing.

I came across SC Moatti’s talk on the Lean Product and Lean UX meetup site and picked up her book, Mobilized, after hearing her speak about ‘The Mobile Formula’!

What I loved about her book was the way she packed her insights into a succinct formula. There are also tons of examples in the book of successful, delightful mobile products that capture the essence of her formula. It’s also a super quick read, so go on and get your copy!