An evening with author and Google designer

Oct 07, 2015SC's Guests

Most apps fight for our attention, but how can an app be useful when you leave your phone in your pocket? In this inspiring talk, Golden Krishna (author of “The Best Interface Is No Interface” and designer at Google) proposes the concept of “back pocket apps” – uses of your phone that are best when you don’t need to interact with your phone at all. Mobile devices hold more potential that to be yet another screen for reading Facebook posts on – they should augment our lives in clever and useful ways. Golden looks at these interface-free user experiences, how to design them, and how to create delightful experiences without direct engagement.

Designer and author of the best-selling book “The Best Interface is No Interface: A Simple Path to Brilliant Technology,” Golden Krishna currently works at Google on design strategy to shape the future of Android. He was called one of the “World’s Best Designers” by Fast Company. His work and design thinking has been featured in major publications like The Verge, BBC, Bloomberg, The Wall Street Journal, Forrester, and PC World. Golden has worked for Samsung, Zappos, and Cooper. Golden has toured the world to give lectures about his book and design work in Sydney, Paris, London, Berlin, MontrĂ©al, Moscow, New York, San Francisco, Boston, Austin, Denver, Sweden, Budapest, Dublin, and at other large events including a keynote at SXSW in front of audience of 1,600 people about “The Best Interface is No Interface.”

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