7 steps to a successful mobile launch

Feb 27, 2016Best Practices

Mobile affects BILLIONS. For the first time in history, we have a technology that’s in the hands of billions of people. And according to the Boston Consulting Group, mobile represents up to 11% of national GDP. Yet unlike most other utilities like electricity or the internet, mobile is about private money and private wealth.

So naturally, every business wants to and should get a meaningful piece of mobile. They want to become mobile-first. How to get there? This is the million-dollar question. People want to know what simple questions they should ask themselves about mobile strategy, whether they already have a mobile strategy today, or are just starting with mobile.

This FREE course, 7 Steps to a Successful Mobile Launch, answers just that. It is designed to help companies save time and money with their mobile launch. It is based on my experience at mobile pioneers from Facebook to GreenOwl Mobile. Follow the links to register or listen to replays!

1. Define success Most business leaders we work with say they know what success means to them and they are surprised to see how success is interpreted differently across functions and levels in their organization. Using a case study from Facebook, this session gives participants tools to align their team on goals, metrics and success for a mobile launch. By the end of the session, they will understand how to create a business equation and identify the one success metric they need to watch. Guest speaker: Eric Paley, managing partner @ Founder Collective.

2. Optimize conversion: Now that we understand what success means, we look at ways to optimize conversion on mobile. We map out a funnel from user’s initial interest all the way through their onboarding. We provide best practices that allow participants to avoid wasting opportunities to smoothly onboard people who want to use their product. We also offer creative ways to acquire users on mobile based on examples from Facebook and real-estate marketplace Trulia. Guest speaker: Momchil Kyurkchiev, founder & CEO @ Leanplum.

3. Segment to better target: With a goal and a conversion funnel, we are now ready to take a look at our target users and segment them. In this session, we provide a framework to maximize the engagement of mobile users based on their context and on their behavior. Participants will leave with best practices for distinct segments, from the most engaged to the most profitable ones based on case studies from Facebook and mobile messaging platform Tango.

4. Stand out: Few companies have the luxury of being a dominant player in their field. Most of the time, they need to communicate what sets them apart from their competitors. In this session, we provide participants with tools to help them identify how they stand out, how they might be vulnerable, and how to effectively communicate that to a mobile audience, using real-estate marketplace Trulia as an example. Guest speaker: Robin Boyar, founder @ Thinktank Research.

5. Test, measure, repeat: A key elements of a successful mobile launch is the ability to measure and optimize the conversion funnel of your users. In this session, participants will learn which of the 300+ measurement tools available out there are necessary for an initial release and what parameters drive performance in mobile marketing campaigns. We will also provide benchmarks for mobile user acquisition in select industries. Guest speaker: Chris Neumann, founder & CEO @ CROmetrics.

6. Fill the room (before users arrive): One of the worst experiences for mobile audiences is the feeling of entering an “empty room.” In this session, we look at ways to attract a crowd, including viral loops, first-timers’ experience, and balancing of mobile marketplaces, based on case studies from Facebook, ridesharing service Lyft, mobile messaging platform Tango.

7. Gear up for launch: This last session brings it all together. Now that you have a definition of success, clear metrics, a target audience and a seamless way to get them then in and get them hooked, it’s time to scale! We provide participants with a launch checklist and a methodology to execute a successful test campaign before the general release of your mobile product. Guest speaker: Craig Weinberg, VP Mobile @ 3Q Digital.

Thank you to our partners for their expertise and support!

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