August 2, 2016

TechNation Interview: Personalized mobile app design + the evolution of mobile products

NPR square

I was honored to be a guest recently on NPR’s podcast, “TechNation”, hosted by Dr. Moira Gunn. We discussed how to make successful mobile products, the internet of things, and the importance of personalization in mobile products. Here are some highlights:

  • 0:09:03 – I discuss how the mobile market is deeply making its mark on the global economy
  • 10:33 – The bidding war for companies to get attention from consumers on mobile
  • 12:14 – Why Facebook changed its motto when they began focusing on mobile and underwent a work culture shift
  • 14:43 – The importance of doing the ‘Mom test’ on all mobile products
  • 16:45 – The power of “the internet of things”
  • 18:00 – My AI experience going to a Syrian refugee camp
  • 26:13 – Why our mobile products need to keep learning about our values
  • 32:20 – The evolution of Tinder’s design through adaptive learning

Go here to listen to the full podcast.


scmoatti-500-bwSC Moatti is a technology visionary, early stage investor and fmr Facebook executive. Today, she invests in products that transform lives and create value at scale. Previously, she built mobile products that billions of people use. Andrew Chen, one of Uber’s top executives, called SC “a genius at making mobile products people love.” Moatti is the founder & managing partner of Mighty Capital, an early-stage investment firm, and the founder of Products That Count, a community of 15,000+ product managers and innovators. She also serves on boards of both public and private companies, including mobile technology giant Opera Software (OPERA:Oslo). A bestselling author, Moatti frequently keynotes on mobile transformation and business growth, and has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, The Harvard Business Review, and on NPR. She lectures at Stanford Graduate School of Business, where she earned her MBA and has a Master of Science in electrical engineering.